The Bird-Friendly Spaces Program

The Bird-Friendly Yard Program is undergoing a few changes and transforming into the Bird-Friendly Spaces program! As a result, this program is not currently accepting any new applications. Please check back early 2022 for the launch of our new-and-improved recognition program!


The Bird-Friendly Yard Program aims to build corridors of wildlife habitat that support birds by offering food, water, and shelter, and by limiting threats.

Please add your yard to the list and be counted for the birds! Together we can improve life for birds, for ourselves, for future generations, and for our city overall.

In our pilot year, we hope to add as many “Founding” Bird-Friendly Yards as possible so that we build a strong network for people and habitats.

How do I apply?

  1. Learn all about the basics of bird-friendly yards. 
  2. Review the BIRD-FRIENDLY YARD PROGRAM APPLICATION  and assess your yard’s needs. Take any steps needed to make your yard more bird friendly
  3. When you have fulfilled the basic requirements, submit your application along with your uploaded photos.
  4. Receive your welcome package!

What are the benefits?

  • Adding habitat to our city for birds and other wildlife.
  • Being a part of something significant for the future.
  • Inspiring others by joining in the founding year of the program.
  • Receiving specific bird-friendly tips and resources. We will not overwhelm your inbox. You will receive personalized emails only and can opt out at any time.
  • Receiving invitations to special garden and habitat programs designed to be enjoyable and educational for the beginner to advanced habitat gardener.

What else?

We have a very special item in the works for our founding bird-friendly yards. We’ll keep you posted on that as the pilot year is underway.

Here's a PRINTABLE handout of recommendations and plants lists:BFC recommendations for yard

Please contact Anna Vallery with any questions relating to the Bird-Friendly Yard Program:, 713-932-1639 ext.108.