Bird-Friendly in Bellaire

A bird oasis! When this passionate couple moved into the beautiful home they created in 2014, they designed the backyard with curvy beds, decomposed granite paths, an attractive water feature, bird-friendly fencing, and plenty of room for native shrubs, grasses, wildflowers, and vines, as well as bird feeders, which they only use in winter.

The homeowner spends time in her garden each day, weeding and observing changes. “Native plants are easy and drought resistant,” she explains. “I see a ton of insects,” she notes as she points out two monarch chrysalises, one hanging on the underside of a leaf and one hanging from the fence. Butterflies flit by as she talks. “I do it for the insects and for the birds.” She has been most excited by the Rufous Humming-bird and the different species of hawks she notices regularly.

  • Best bets for spaces with lots of sun: Black-eyed Susan, Indian Blanket, and Texas Coneflower.
  • Best bets for shadier areas: Beautyberry, Coralberry, Blue Mistflower, and Spiderwort.

Establishing the frame.

First growth season.

Maturing nicely.