The Bird-Friendly Yard Program is undergoing a few changes and transforming into the Bird-Friendly Spaces program! As a result, this program is not currently accepting any new applications. Please check back early 2022 for the launch of our new-and-improved recognition program!


The Bird-Friendly Spaces Program aims to build corridors of wildlife habitat that support birds by offering food, water, and shelter, and by limiting threats. Together we can improve life for birds, for ourselves, for future generations, and for our city overall.

Anyone can create a bird-friendly space, whether you have acres of land, a paved balcony, or no outdoor space at all.

Some actions may be easier to start with and could substitute what you already do, like buying bird-friendly coffee instead of your normal brew or reducing your plastic use by using reusable alternatives to straws and plastic bags and using reusable alternatives instead. Check out the program overview to see what actions you can take now and what you can plan for in the future. Start small and take it one action at a time!

Our space-specific resources are beginner-friendly guides that can help you get started based on the type of space you have.

Direct benefits of joining the program include:

  • A welcome package
  • Certificate of recognition
  • Badges (stickers) for each action achieved
  • Opportunity to purchase yard sign
  • Exclusive discounts
  • Monthly newsletter subscription

Joining the Bird-Friendly Spaces Program provides environmental benefits like an increase in green space connecting habitat areas and creating a better future for wildlife. You will also gain personal benefits including mental and physical wellbeing and inclusion in a supportive community of other wildlife lovers. You can inspire the next generation to get involved in bird-friendly actions!

You don't need to spend tons of time creating a bird-friendly space! Many of the actions can be easily added into your life, like becoming a bird-friendly ambassador at work by educating your coworkers about birds or keeping your cats indoors.

Other actions may take time to set up, but may have long-term time-saving benefits! For example, it takes time to plant native plants, but these species will require less care and maintenance than non-native ornamentals once they have become established.

Check out our space-specific guides for more time-saving tips!

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