Plastic Pollution Initiative

The plastic pollution issue has become increasingly evident in the past few years. This holds especially true in the world of birds. Birds are some of the species most heavily impacted by our plastic use. Nearly every seabird on earth, for example, has now been observed ingesting plastic. Birds that aren’t found ingesting plastic directly face impacts from the material as a result of entanglement or entrapment. As more research is conducted, evidence of plastic’s negative impact on birds and other wildlife is becoming even more apparent.

As an organization, Houston Audubon is taking several steps in an effort to tackle this conservation issue.

    • Houston Audubon limits the amount of plastic used within the organization. This includes no plastic water bottles at workdays and hosting only plastic-free events beginning in May 2019.
    • Houston Audubon works as a partner of the Plastic Pollution Prevention Partnership, the Galveston Bay Watershed’s Partners in Litter Prevention, and other conservation organizations in Houston to make changes locally.
    • Houston Audubon continues to educate people on the impacts of plastic on birds, both locally and globally, through presentations, events, and leading by example.

Test Your Knowledge!

According to the EPA, how much waste did Americans generate in 2018?

Houston Audubon also encourages individuals and organizations alike to help take on the challenge and  tackle the pervasive plastic pollution. There are three main actions you can take to help:

    1. Limit consumption of plastic by saying no to single-use items and finding alternatives to plastic in your life.
    2. Help clean-up the plastic already in our watershed by participating in clean-up efforts around Houston or picking up plastic on walks, at the beach, or whenever you come across it.
    3. Support legislation that would address single-use plastic, including bag bans and other similar movements.

For more information on the plastic pollution problem, check out the links below: