The Houston Connection

Why Birds Matter and the Houston Connection

  • Birds improve our lives. Their beauty, song, and dance bring us joy and connect us with nature.
  • Over 500 bird species migrate through Houston or make our city home. Learn more about what the Houston is doing to be a Bird City here.
  • Birds are an essential part of our environment providing vital ecological services such as seed dispersal, pest management, and pollination.
  • The study of birds advances science and serves as a barometer of environmental health.
  • Nature-based tourism is a growing sector of the economy, especially on the Upper Texas Coast.

While this website focuses on the positive ways we can enjoy and support birds, here is the truth: We have an urgent need to help our birds and ultimately our entire planet: “We are losing our birds because we have taken away their homes and their food…In fact, we know most about the effects of habitat loss from the studies of birds…The statistics are truly frightening. Neotropical migrants--such as wood thrushes, warblers, catbirds, hawks, wrens, vireos, flycatchers, kingbirds, nightjars, swallows, tanagers, orioles--have declined an average of 1% per year since 1966. Add up those percentages, and you’re looking at nearly a 50% reduction in population sizes for many of our bird species within the space of 50 years.” Doug Tallamy, Bringing Nature Home.

Let’s keep common birds common! Simple things like adding wildlife-friendly habitat to your yard, local park, or school can help address the needs of birds.

Houston is located along the Central Flyway. Photo Credit: Texas Parks and Wildlife