Beyond Your Yard: Working with your HOA, School, and Local Park

Be an advocate for a bird-friendly HOA, School, or local park.

  1. Familiarize yourself with the basics of a bird-friendly community.
  2. Listen/observe to understand where your target group is on the spectrum of Awareness-Appreciation-Action. For example, is your group happy with its current programs and unaware of the need for habitat and support of birds? Does your group value birds and wildlife, but need a path to implement improvements? Does your group already support birds and wildlife actively, but have specific challenges or want to do even more?
  3. Prepare helpful resources for your target group. Check out our recommendations for HOA, School, Park to get conversations started.
  4. Identify other individuals that want to help. Build a coalition and let people do the specific tasks they enjoy and are good at!
  5. Once you understand your target audience and have a few friendly folks to rely on, identify the best way to make your approach. An individual meeting with a member of the HOA? An HOA meeting? A PTO meeting? A phone call with the President of the park friends group?
  6. Remember this important tip: After years of conservation work, we know that a positive, friendly approach yields the best results. View your group as a partnership to help make Houston a better city. Be reasonable, respectful, and helpful in your recommendations.
  7. If needed, reach out to Houston Audubon for more support. Due to the number of consultation requests we receive, we prefer working with groups who have identified a specific project and have gathered initial support. It truly takes the entire community to make a bird-friendly city! Contact for overall support or contact the Natives Nursery Manager at for specific questions about native plants and the Houston Audubon Natives Nursery.

Did You Know?

Northern Mockingbirds have been known to so skillfully imitate sounds such as squeaky gate hinges, sirens, and barking dogs that even an acoustical analysis could not tell the difference between the mockingbird and the original sound.

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