Become a Habitat Ambassador

Bird-Friendly Communities is seeking volunteers to provide presentations, work with local partners, consult with individuals and organizations establishing habitats, and offer a range of expertise and skills. Please contact Gabriel Durham at gdurham@houstonaudubon.org for more information about this volunteer program.

Volunteer at the Natives Nursery

Nursery Volunteers meet every Wednesday and Friday morning to pot up plants and handle a variety of nursery needs. contact the Natives Nursery Manager at nativesnursery@houstonaudubon.org to learn more about the Natives Nursery.

Volunteer with Houston Audubon

Houston Audubon offers a variety of volunteer positions based on needs, interests, time availability, and talents. Please visit the Houston Audubon volunteer page to learn more and apply.

Did You Know?

Northern Mockingbirds have been known to so skillfully imitate sounds such as squeaky gate hinges, sirens, and barking dogs that even an acoustical analysis could not tell the difference between the mockingbird and the original sound.

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How many birds die annually in window collisions alone?


Which bird do you observe in your yard most often?

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