Houston Bird Questions

Questions for Advanced Citizen Scientists and Naturalists

Every great science project begins with a question. These questions are designed to move beyond bird identification and into a greater understanding of our ecological systems. Use these to inspire a new way of observing birds, their habitats, challenges, and opportunities. While the questions are designed primarily to spark deeper thinking, if you are committed to gathering data on one or more of these topics, please contact us at Houston Audubon.

  • Where are the urban bird rookeries and can they be protected?
  • What is the population of these rookeries?  Egrets, herons, cormorants?
  • What is the population and distribution of night-heron nests?
  • Where do Black-bellied Whistling Ducks nest?
  • Do Ospreys nest in Houston?
  • Do Mississippi Kites nest in Houston? Where?
  • How many Cooper's Hawks nest in Houston?
  • What do Cooper's Hawks eat?
  • Do Broad-winged Hawks nest in Houston? How many?
  • How many Red-Shouldered Hawks nest in Houston?
  • How many Red-Tailed Hawks nest in Houston?
  • Where are the Bald Eagle nests?
  • Do Swainson's Hawks nest in Houston? Where?
  • Where do Killdeers nest in Houston? Roofs?
  • Do Least Terns nest in Houston? Where?
  • What is the estimated population of White-Winged Doves in West University Place, the Heights, inside 610?
  • What do White-Winged Doves eat?
  • Are White-Winged Doves displacing other birds?
  • Are Inca and Mourning Doves declining as urban birds?
  • Do Yellow-Billed Cuckoos nest in Houston?
  • What is the population of owls (Great Horned, Barred and Screech) in Houston?
  • What is the population of nighthawks? Where do they nest? Will they use artificial nest platforms?
  • How many swifts nest in Houston?
  • If thousands of swift towers are installed along bayous and other corridors, will they all be used?
  • Do Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds nest in Houston?
  • Where are the wintering hummingbird hotspots?
  • How can Houston attract more wintering hummingbirds?
  • What is the distribution of Red-Headed Woodpeckers?
  • What is the distribution of Pileated Woodpeckers?
  • How many Northern Flickers nest in Houston?
  • What is the population of Red-Bellied woodpeckers?
  • How many woodpecker nests get taken over by starlings?
  • Do Northern Flickers use nest boxes?
  • What is the population of Downy Woodpeckers?
  • How many Great Crested Flycatchers nest in Houston? Where?
  • What is the population of Loggerhead Shrikes in Houston?
  • How much does the Loggerhead Shrike population vary year to year?
  • Population of Blue Jays?
  • Population of Crows?
  • Do Tree Swallows nest in Houston?
  • Population of Barn Swallows?
  • Population of Cliff Swallows?
  • Do Cave Swallows nest in Houston?
  • Population of Carolina Chickadees?
  • Population of Carolina Wrens?
  • Is the population of Carolina Chickadees and Wrens declining?
  • Do  bluebirds nest in Houston?
  • What will nest in bluebird boxes placed along bayous and other corridors?
  • American Robin population and distribution?
  • Do catbirds nest in Houston? Where?
  • Do any warblers nest in Houston?
  • Do Summer Tanagers nest in Houston?
  • Do Chipping Sparrows, Painted Buntings, Eastern Meadowlarks, Orchard Orioles nest in Houston? Where? How many?
  • Population of House Finch?

Did You Know?

Northern Mockingbirds have been known to so skillfully imitate sounds such as squeaky gate hinges, sirens, and barking dogs that even an acoustical analysis could not tell the difference between the mockingbird and the original sound.

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How many birds die annually in window collisions alone?


Which bird do you observe in your yard most often?

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